Christmas gift guide 2022 - Small business edition

Christmas gift guide 2022 - Small business edition

Welcome to our very first Christmas guide! Hopefully we'll give you some good ideas for Christmas gifts and introduce you to some amazing small businesses that you may not have heard of before. Without further ado, let's start!


Gifts for foodies

Do they love to cook from scratch? Do they have a sweet tooth or like to try new things? Check out the following ideas for some inspiration!
Champagne truffle box in black backgroundA chocolate box with little square chocolates with floral designJapanese truffle selection box wrapped in pink ribbon
  • • I just love "make your own" kits. They are so creative and you get to eat what you made, which is such a bonus. Choose between a mushroom growing kit by Grocycle for those oyster mushroom addicts (guilty!), a chilli sauce making kit by the Spicery for those who always go for the spiciest thing on the menu, or a chorizo making kit by Spicely Does it for the carnivores.
A box with oyster mushrooms coming out of it2 hands holding transparent packs of chilli powderA box containing a chorizo sausage making kit
  • • Perhaps they are more about drinking copious amounts of beer while watching football, in which case they might appreciate some special snacks selection box by Serious Pig (with vegetarian & vegan options too!). Or they might enjoy making their own cocktails, so a home bar garnish set by the Garnish Company will just do the trick.
An image with loads of snacks4 plastic bags containing different cocktail garnishes
  • • If they've been talking about how they want to start making their own pasta for ages, this ravioli stamp from The River Cafe might be just what they need to get going?
A ravioli stamp against white background

Gifts for makers

You know who I'm talking about. That person who picks up a new craft every weekend, and generally prefers to make their own things rather than buy them. Here's some really good Christmas gift ideas that will make their heart sing! 
  • • Did they buy a sewing machine during the pandemic, and end up completely falling in love with dressmaking? Get them a dress pattern from The Patterns Room (a Greek business!). All patterns handily come in a pdf downloadable file, so it's perfect for any last minute Christmas gift shopping! Look at these beautiful clothes. Maybe you can convince them to make a dress for you too?
Tania robe by the Patterns room 
  • • Are they an avid bread baker? If they haven't delved into the world of baguettes and ciabattas yet, a baker's couche or proofing cloth from The Bread Company might be just what they need to start.
  • • DIY kits are the absolute best for crafters. Just pick one, from mosaics (I really like this lemon one from Montet Mosaics) to embroidery (look at all these gorgeous options from Annie Morris). I can guarantee you, you’ll make the crafter in your life very happy.
Floral embroidery loopA box including a lemon mosaic kit
  • • If you are frantically looking for a last-minute gift, a gift card is always a good idea. Obby offers over 2,500 classes and workshops, from calligraphy and floristry to pottery and woodworking. They are bound to find something they love.
A gift card from obby

Gifts for Earth lovers

I'd hope that all of us care about the environment but perhaps some of us do more than others to live sustainably. However, whether your friend is an Earth lover or not, the following gift ideas will definitely be of use to them!
  • • I don't know if Ocean Bottle can be classified as a small business, but their mission needs to be shared far and wide, as the sale of each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles from the ocean. Isn’t that cool? And frankly, their water bottles look really sleek and come in a range of colours to choose from. 
A khaki coloured water bottle with an Ocean Bottle logo

A glass straw in a glass and a glass straw sitting on top of a lemon wedge next to it

  • • What even is a seed bomb, I hear you ask? Typically a little ball of mud containing lots of wildflower seeds. Wildflowers are essential for bees to collect nectar and pollen and they also act as a shelter for them. All you need to do to help grow more wildflowers is scatter them around onto soil and let nature do its work. These heart-shaped seed bombs by Etsy Seller Rosie In The Dell are simply adorable and would make a lovely gift.
    A box containing 6 heart shaped seed bombs of different colours
  • • If the person you are buying a gift for likes crafting AND they care about the environment, look no further. They will love this beeswax food wrap making kit from Filberts of Dorset! Beeswax wraps can be used in place of cling film as a reusable alternative and they are super fun to make.
    A box containing a beeswax food wrap making kit

    Gifts for home lovers

    They love being at home, decorating it, taking care of it: their home is their sanctuary. Here are some gift ideas for the homebody in your life:
    • • Ok, how about this little Christmas tree decoration from yours truly? This is the very first homeware product that I’ve designed myself and is of course made in-house (literally in my house, that’s where my studio is 😊 ) If your gift recipient likes minimal, Nordic décor, I have a feeling they will like this very much. Plus they get to keep it forever and put it on display for years to come.
    A white Christmas tree made of Jesmonite, with strips of material showing as branches, a base and a star on top. Surrounded by Christmas baubles and a hand for scale
    • • Candles, candles, candles. Need I say more? Who doesn’t love candles? If you have no idea what they like, this bestseller set with lavender, chai latte and ginger & lemongrass from Vegan Bunny is most likely to do the job. I’ve purchased these myself for a gift and the recipient loved them!
    A trio of candles in copper tins with a bunny logo on top
    • • Candles create the cosiest atmosphere, particularly during these dark winter days. These jesmonite tealight holders by Ruby Melo (yes, that’s me again!) would make a beautiful gift for someone who likes modern and minimal home décor.
    Three tealight holders in staggered heights, in off-white colour with black paintbrush splatter effect
    • • Ceramic pieces always make such unique gifts. You can opt for a more rustic look with these gorgeous Sea side mugs from Physis Techne (I got them for my grandparents last year and they LOVED them!) or maybe go for a more playful feel with these Egg spoon rests from Elisa Ceramics.
    A set of two mugs in green colour resting on two booksAn egg shaped spoon rest, with a wooden spoon sitting on it, and 4 eggs resting beside


    Pampering gifts

    The person you are shopping for might value some relaxation (and this person might be yourself, how about some self-care?)
    • • This aromatherapy room & linen spray from Corinne Taylor is made used essential oils and is designed to freshen the air and lift the mood. It’s been in my shopping list for a while and I think I might be gifting this to myself for this Christmas!
      Love mist on a trinket tray surrounded by dried rose buds
    • • I am a huge fan of selection boxes. Whether it’s different flavours of chocolate, different scents of candles, or in this case, lots of cute soaps with different ingredients and scents, it is such a nice way for someone to try a variety of different things. Designed and made by myself in my home studio, and beautifully presented in a gift box, this adorable luxury soap set was made to be gifted:
    Luxury soap set with 6 soaps: black, brown, green, pink, brown and white and floral patterns
    • • Although I’ll admit I am not into matcha (it just tastes like grass to me??), there’s something unique about preparing a cup of matcha tea, it does feel like a proper ceremony. Perhaps this matcha starter set from Moya Matcha, which includes a bamboo whisk, a ceramic matcha bowl and some matcha tea would be a nice gift for someone to bring some calm into their morning routine? 
    A matcha making set, including a bamboo whisk, a ceramic matcha bowl and a box of matcha tea
    • • How about treating them to a delicious hot chocolate set by Cocoa Eleven, a small business based in Lancashire. This assortment contains their milk, dark and white hot chocolate so it will be a crowd pleaser!
    A box of hot chocolate by Cocoa Eleven next to a ceramic mug filled with hot chocolate and topped with chantilly and chocolate sprinkles
    • • I came across SBTRCT when I was looking for a skincare option to add to the list. I hadn’t heard of them before but it looks like it has been voted the best zero waste skincare brand for 2022. Given that the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging a year, having a skincare brand be completely zero waste is quite the achievement, and perhaps their discovery set would make a wonderful pampering gift for your eco-warrior friend.
    A box of 2 round zero waste skincare products


      Well, that's pretty much it for this year. Hope you found some products to add to your gift shopping list or at the very least some inspiration!

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